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1 Overview

You are traveling with a group of friends, and whenever there is a bill to pay (for e.g. taxis, restaurants, or hotels), one of you pays the full amount. At the end of the trip, all expenses are consolidated to determine what balance needs to be settled.

SplitTheTab makes it easy to capture every expense and to keep a running total of the balance.

2 Features

3 Concepts

All expenses are split among "accounts". An account represents one or more people from the same household - in other words, they share all costs.

For each expense, SplitTheTab records who paid for it (the "payer"), on who's behalf it was paid (the "payees"), and what portion of the expense is allocated to each payee (the "split").

Furthermore, each expense is associated with a currency. For reports, the amounts are multiplied with the respective currency's exchange rate.

4 An Example

Bruce Wayne, Clark and Lois Kent, and Peter Parker travel together. They create the following 3 accounts in SplitTheTab:

During their trip, they make the following transactions:

5 Screenshots

5.1 Managing trips

This first screen allows you to create or select a "trip", i.e. a database of expenses:

Press the button on the top to create a new trip, or select an existing trip.

With the menu button or a long press, you can also

5.2 Trip screen

When working on a trip, you see the expenses that were already entered:

The buttons on top allow you to add new expenses, accounts, or currencies. Press on an expense to edit it, or long press to delete.

This screen also has menu entries to bring up the account and currency editors, generate reports, and export the trip data as a CSV file.

5.3 Expenses

Expenses are entered or modified using a tabbed window:

On the Payment tab, you enter most of the trip details: description, amount, payer, and date. The button with the small rectangles opens a numeric keypad for easier entry.

The Splits tab captures how the expense is distributed to the individual accounts. The values can be modified using the "+" and "-" buttons.

Don't forget to press on Save after making your edits!

5.4 Accounts and Currencies

There also exist screens to manage accounts and currencies:

For the currencies, it is recommended to use standard 3-letter codes (for example, "USD" for US dollars), and to use a conversion rate of 1.0 for your home currency.

5.5 Reports

To see the current balance, select either the summary or the detailed report from the main screen's menu:

6 Tips and tricks

6.1 Team reviews

At the end of a trip, it is desirable to review the expenses among all participants, e.g. to detect typos and missing records.

This can be done with the following steps:

7 Version history

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